The Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 is an INSANE Hatchba- uh, SUV…

This week, Throttle House tests the Mercedes- AMG GLA 45. As it turns out, this is a ridiculously fun car that is essentially never boring at any speed.

The funny thing is, Mercedes claims this is an SUV… which it most clearly is not. In fact its probably the hottest hatch out there. With the most powerful four cylinder engine in production today, the GLA 45 AMG punches the Focus RS in the face, and makes the Type R look like it’s trying too hard. You need to watch the video below to truly understand how awesome this car sounds. The only issue is that without the AMG styling package the GLA 45 looks a bit understated, thankfully the price of over 60K CAD is more than enough to make you go “wow.”

Watch the video below!


Mercedes-AMG GLA 45

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