Mustang vs Stinger Hot Lap Data for ONE TRACK MIND

Mustang vs Stinger Hot Lap Data for ONE TRACK MIND

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If you are looking for some proper data, you’ve come to the right place! We thought this would be a good place for those of you who like to delve into the data to really see how Colin sets the times that he does.

2018 Kia Stinger at Toronto Motorsports Park

The Red is the Slowest speed the car reached in the corner, and the Green is the highest it reached in the straights.

Here is the speed graph:




Mustang GT with Performance Package 1

You can see how the Mustang was able to carry more speed on a few key corners.


If you REALLY want to get into some data. Feel free to look through this:



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  • Great stuff guys ! After auto crossing Stinger GT2 RWD my biggest take away if the platform needs a little more mechanical grip in way of wider tires and wheels and slightly stiffer suspension. I’d bet Rear wheel drive Stinger we have in US with its.mechancial lsd , some wider tires and eibach pro spring and bar combo would be pretty fast on track. Rear wheel drive version of Stinger is even more fun than the heavier AWD car. Thanks again for this test. It’s one of first I have seen on Stinger with some real data on track. And it was fun watching Kia smoke Mustang in drag race.

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