Car Reviews

Throttle House reviews the latest and greatest in the automotive industry. You wont find boring spec sheet regurgitation here. Instead you can expect detailed road and track tests that include drag races, timed laps, and general silliness with the fastest cars... we promise not to be dull…

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Car Builds

You will hear about lots of builds on this site, but you will probably hear the most about how Thomas Holland's BMW is pretty much always broken... which makes it difficult to compete in Time Attack... Thankfully he doesn't mind spending all of his money and time fixing it.

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Car Culture

We don't waste time talking the talk. We like to get involved in the grassroots driving community. Myself and the other contributors get up to lots of shenanigans on and off the track. Expect to see articles and videos that capture the driving community.
-Thomas Holland
(Lead Editor/Content Creator/Filmmaker)
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Road tests of the latest cars: watch the playlist here!