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Thomas Holland

 Chief Content Creator/Filmmaker/ Editor in Chief

Thomas founded Throttle House in 2016, and he is the guy that, films, and edits the videos. He has a passion for creating original car content, and for driving fast.  He also has a passion for buying old and broken BMWs which pretty much never work the way they're supposed to. Thomas has competed in Ontario Time Attack for the past two seasons, and when he and James aren't filming (which is never by the way), he will be in his garage or at the track attempting to sharpen his driving skills, but probably ending up "accidentally drifting" whatever car he is in. 


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Writer/ Content Creator / Business Manager

When James isn't managing business connections, or securing filming locations, he is busy bringing genuine wit and exciting ideas to Throttle House videos.  He has been known, on more than one occasion, to call Thomas in the middle of the night with an idea for a video, that may or may not involve Thomas wearing a wig. When he isn't presenting on screen, or writing original content, he can be found cursing himself for lowering the ride-height of his 2017 MX-5 so much, that he can't even get into the laneway of his Toronto apartment.

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